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Foo Quest 2005 [entries|friends|calendar]
Foo Fighters All State Quest

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SO SLACK [21 Dec 2005|09:44am]

I still havent uploaded my pictures!!! i will work on that once i have finished christmas shopping!
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Sad Day in Melbourne [15 Dec 2005|11:16pm]

Wednesday rolled around with a splitting head ache and the need to sleep for a month. Unfortuantely i had to take the beautiful Jools back to the airport. Come home sleep for a few hours and then go back to pick up Dan. If i never see the airport again it will be too soon (just remembered im going tomorrow... crap!) But after a few laps of domestic Dan and i made our way to the Pizza and to Rod Laver. Poor miss Kim was there all on her lonesome. So we fed her and entertained her with tails of biching and woe. Luckily she had only arrived a lil before us and then Miss Emma and Sarah showed up and it was another foo party! All the teeny boppers around us (and the guy whos last mosh was Maroon 5 or something equally as pathetic) were either slightly in front of us or behind.

Security went and fucked stuff up by having 5 guys only entry lines and one chicks... whatever!!! so we executed the same plan to get to the door, wait up front, get wrist bands and be in front of NATE in line with DAVE!!! When we got to the door i met a nice lass named Kylie. It turned out i knew her Brother and i hooked up to film some footage (god i hope she did!) So we plotted the last show. It turned out to be a rippa!

best show ever/after drinks/kaiser drunksCollapse )

After dropping Dan at the airport it was the official end of the tour. It was sad and i went to sleep after basketball... i loved everyone on the tour... except for Johnny Rockstar, you shattered all my beliefs. So Much love to:

BRISSY: Vera, Jools!!! Rockinghorse Records! Other Mark!
SYDNEY: DAN!!! Kim, Sheena, Adam, Kallie!
ADELAIDE: Benny!!!
MELBOURNE: Leish, Emma, Sarah, Matty, Rizz!
And My Crew: Mark & Claire

You guys make it all worth while. Ill see you at the Opera House next year yes??
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HAH I'm going to interrupt Crystal's blog [10 Dec 2005|10:38pm]

A call out to all Aussies who I met on tour - it was an absolute blast and half the fun if not more was hanging out with you guys and sharing many foo moments. I'll post random thoughts and memories later but Crystal mah girl you're doing a stellar job.
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melbourne sweet, sweet melbourne [09 Dec 2005|05:49pm]

I arrived home at midnight and was never so glad to be home in my life. My boy picked me up at the airport and i announced he was comming to foo the next night whether he liked it or not (he hates everything i like) and all was merry in the world.

Monday i woke up super early and picked up the ever beautiful and hyper Jools from the airport and we made our way to melbourne city. As it was her first time in town i took her on a tour of the town in half an hour and squeezed in heaps of sights... i even dropped a few Hook turns for her! it was great.

When we got to Rod Laver there were a few people there aleady but that didnt matter because Kimmay was there and Rizz! It was a foo party and all were invited. The skies opened and dumped a heap of rain onto us but we were willing to brave the rain for one more night of FOO!!! I ran into o_chan and i was glad to hear that she did indeed run into the Kaiser Chief Boys and they had tickets for the show!!! I was so proud but had to get my arse into gear for the show. We managed to orchestrate a whole game plan on saving seats by the entry gates AND getting wrist bands at the same time. We had people sit while others get bands and then swap enabling us to all be up the front!!! WOOT! the doors opened early and i made My Boy run SOOOOO far to join us in time. He wasnt a happy camper but it was all good when we had a crew on both sides of the doors and we all got to the front! The boys, em & Sarah, Kim and Rizz were in front of Chris and we, Jools and I, were stationed in front of Nate for the First time. Now since i had made a comment to Ian about not being able to take photos of Nate there has been an ongoing joke that he is faster than the human eye and ge is actually doing laps of the stage. So i was looking forward to many jokes about Nates movements/dances... I was not dissapointed. Read more...Collapse )
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McPerthy McPerth Day Two [08 Dec 2005|05:59pm]

We woke up super early and checked into our room and ran off to Rock It. We had a hell of a time selling our spare ticket but once we were in there it was awesome. We got our Merch... Sexy Pirate Tees and Jackets as well as Kaiser Chief stuff. We tied it all in a box and ran amok.

We caught Gyroscope first of the ranks (i love those boys) and danced to all my fave tunes at the back of the D. Then we waited for the KAISER CHIEFS (we are from England!) those guys were on the ball that day. Bloody Ricky decided to crowd surf from the front of the Barrier to the back of the D, climb the sound scaffolding and sing from up there, then crown surf back still singing... (i have this all on film) Dan turned to me and pronounced "Anything Ricky can do, Dave can do 10 times better" and i knew he was right. If dave heard about that he would try and top it. PERTH ROCK IT AND AFTER SHOW DRINKSCollapse )
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PERTHY MC PERTH [08 Dec 2005|05:37pm]

We arrived in Perth tired and hungry. We had watched the foo live from Roswell files all the way there and were a little pumped to be seeing the boys at a festival. When we arrived it was early perth time, but fuck off o'clock melbourne time. So we were a lil dissoriented.
Dan and I hooked up with Big Marky and proceeded to pass out from exhaustion. But decided that beer was the better solution to our problems. So we hit the hotel bar and as we were ordering our first drink the boys got this funny look on their faces and whispered 'turn around' i turn and there is NOEL GALLAGHER... i had to be very subtle about it. as i am generally scared of the guys i couldnt really just jump in on the conversation. But i did manage to sneak out a few messages to friends along the lines of "im sitting next to your brother in law" and "me and my mate Noel are having a great time at the bar" much to the distress of my Oasis loving friends.

We continued to get smashed when i notices someone hovering next to me.. it was my fave monitor guy (i love you) IAN of foo fighters. He was so happy to see us and he asked why we hadnt said hello. I hadnt even seen him in the bar. Ian and i were good drinking buddies back in 03 and we decided to start again. Topics ranging from Fat Bob of the Cures fave drinks (beer/coke or red wine/orange juice), finding Gay Porn in his hotel room left by former residents (Justin Darkness) and about the awesome Melissa Auf Der Maur and how she WILL release a new album soon!!! YAY!!! I *heart* Ian as we get on super well and we drink eachother under the table.

I went to take dan up to the room as he got tired (and we were crashing in marks room) and as we went through the side bar door we ran into security telling us we couldnt go through. We told him we were going to our room and he lets us past we turn around and the whole FOO FIGHTERS band is there. Dave and the Missus, Taylor and the Missus, Security, Nate, Chris... and erm... Gus. We went up to our room and came back down. On my way back i ran into Sir Gus and managed a hello... he didnt try to karate chop me so i proceeded back to the bar. Mark was trying to hook up with Wiley (their love is pure) and Ian and I continued our chats about my tiny feet...

Our party soon lead to drinks and a mini bar raid and hugs galore. Then sleep...

that was perth day 1.
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so tired [07 Dec 2005|01:36pm]

it is the morning of foo show number 2 in melbourne and i am so tired. Had to wake up real early to get good ol Jools back to Brisbane via the airport and now i have to go back and pick up Sydney Dan... hmmm would love to sleep....

Last foo show. All updates on their way once i have slept and slept and slept and slept.

interesting times in the foo world at the moment...

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SYDNEY SHOW 2 [03 Dec 2005|09:21am]

Well as to be expected with one hours sleep i got a lift with the awesome Sheens to get to SUPERDOME nice and early! so early in fact that we were still number ten or so. Thanks to my old mate Mark KNell being number one cause at 2am he thought it was a good idea to just sleep there. securith actually thought he was a bomb, but that is beside the point. Our 7am friends were there again and us! By us it was Jools, Me, Sheens and later we were joined by Kim, Leish, Ben Walt and Adam. It was a foo party at best. foo sydney #2 was awesomely AWESOME!!! HAPPY BDAY NATE!!!Collapse )

YEAH IT was great post show i ran for the expensive lemonade but not without adding a new pick to my collection... THE DAVE 606... i am putting that right next to his Les Dudis one. This collection is AWESOME!!!! i got to say good bye to all my sydney crew and managed to send love to those i missed.

Off to perth in an hour... SEE YOU AROUND THE TRAPS!!! MWHAHAHA
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SYDNEY UPDATE [02 Dec 2005|08:29am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Whilst wednesday passed with us playing plenty of Cludo Simpson Stylee as well as buying awesome 7inches (Ace of Spades!!!!) we did little to nothing. Ben Walt Flannagan called to tell me the Foos had sound checked three quarters of the Colour and the Shape in Adelaide which got me very excited indeed!!! We played more cludo and bythe time we were high on bad wine and yelling "iT WAS Homer, in Mr Burns' Manor with the Plutonium Rod" we had bits of the ADL set list to make us gag for Thurs night... BLOODY MIA AND HEY JP!!! fark off!!!

Needless to say i woke up at a reasonable hour and trained to SUPERDOME to hook up with the lovely Jools and Kallie and Co. Unfortunately the sydney train system didnt like me (i hear now, it hates everyone) so it took me three hours after the train broke down and the tracks failed... noice. Needless to say we were still at the front of the line and ready for love!

The reason i love sydney foo shows is that i seem to know everyone there! Unlike Melbourne where i think everyone is a tosser and can get fucked. So i ran into good ol Adam (what up g!), Kimbo, Benny Boy, Ben Walt, Leisha (my hometown girl) plus of course the afformentioned Jools and Kallie. So it seemed like a party and the crew for the past few years were together and bringing the foo love. Ahhh, Sydney was going to be SOOOO much better than Bris Vegas...SYDNEY ROCKS YOUR ARSE!Collapse )

after one hours sleep i am now preparing for miss Sheens to get me so we can get ready for show number two!!! rock in SYDNEY!!!

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Sydney Day 1 [30 Nov 2005|09:45am]

After buying some killer records at Rocking Horse Records in Brissy we headed to the airport. I have never seen so many foo tees in one spot that were not at a show... A lot of people had travelled for that. However, i am a firm believer of a) not wearing the tee the day after the show to avoid the scene i had just mentioned. And also b) not wearing the tee till the guys are at least out of the state! There is nothing worse than running into them wearing the band tee.

However, we made the trek to my gate (via meeting my baby cousin at the check in, so CUTE!) And i planned to meet Carmen on the other side in Sydney. When i got there hello Krispy Kreme and waiting for her plane to arrive.

When she did we went straight to the Annandale to start drinking! However, our taxi driver had no idea where it was. We said annandale. But he still didnt really know. So we called some friends and they helped us get the specifics. Luckily one lucky person told us the number (thank you james!) cause the driver tried to drop us off at Annandale North (wrong!) then he dropped us off at the Empire Hotel(??) We told him we wanted Parramatta Rd... he said "this is Parramatta Rd" is wasnt it was the corner... and a hundred and something numbered... we needed to be in the teens... whatever we walked and ran into some record stores. I scored Bros - When will i be FAMOUS!!!! awesome. And Carmen Got her Boyfriend Wa Wa Nee... we are stylish ladies.

After we got to the Annandale we started pissing up till Trivia started. We knew we would suck but we tried. AND WE DIDNT COME LAST!!! Carmen won us $110 that we drank away and bought Annandale tees in honour of the occasion. It was great.

Then we passed out dreaming of Foo to come... I like sydney more than Brisbane. Like Melbourne better than both.
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brissy part two [30 Nov 2005|08:54am]

So brissy was fun considering i usually i hate the place. After we saw Nate during lunch we knew that it was on for young and old. So we picked up Carmen and headed down to Brissy Entertainment Centre.

Luckily most of the Merch i could get half price on the foo Board soo i walked away with sexy tops and now matching wrist bands!!! We were on door twelve and cause we were running slightly late we were behind... i was not happy. But i cant blame nice people for taking care of me so i move on...

I found good ol Jools on the opposite side and we had a chat. The small lil chookling was on her own with Good Charlotte fans so we bicthed about being at seperate doors then planned to meet up in front.

We did a live cross to my radio show before we went down went something along the lines of "wooo, we rule.. foo fighters yeah!" mind you kaiser chiefs were sound checking at the time so i was a lil hyper (not unusual i know) foo brisbane #1Collapse )

But seemed he couldnt be arsed waiting so we all reconvened and planned our SYDNEY ATTACK!!!

more on that later!!!
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BRISVEGAS DAY ONE [29 Nov 2005|02:59pm]

Flew to Brissy to catch foo. due to flight restrictions we couldnt get to the venue till the ripe time of 6pm!!! so we passed the time by grabbing a drink at a bar and as we are chowing down Nate walks past!!! NEERLY PEED MY PANTS!!!

That tied me over till the show. most of the Merch i could get of the foo store for half the price so i bought the tour tees and i now sport a y red bull tee with dates. I now am fashionable in my twin foo wristbands!!!

the show was killer i hooked up with y jools and we assumed the front of stage. i ended up second row between a rock and a hard place so i lasted to stacked actors before dying and dancing on the outside, but more info to come later that involves foo passes, drinks, dislocated knees and the kaiser chiefs.

oh, and brisbane sucks, i am now happily in sydney eating krispy kreme and dreaming of superdome to comEEE!!!!
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OHHH [24 Nov 2005|03:55pm]

With four days of packing and planning to go i thought i would donate some inspiration to the masses.

foos- spill
cold day in the sun live
another round live

okay i hope i labelled them right! woot!
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woot woot [19 Nov 2005|01:59am]

In case your blind and havent seen it yet, here is the resolve film clip


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sydney split [19 Nov 2005|12:42am]

-----Original Message-----
From: online@ticketek.com.au [mailto:online@ticketek.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 16 November 2005 2:41 PM
Subject: Foo Fighters

Dear Foo Fighters Fan,

With just over 2 weeks to go until the Foo Fighters hit the SuperDome,
like to let you know about some important information for those holding
tickets to the general admission standing floor section.

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all fans, the floor area
the venue will be divided in half by a barricade.
This means that the first half of people with general admission tickets
enter the venue, will be able to access the front half of the floor.
Everyone else who enters the venue after this point will be granted
admission to the second half of the floor, behind the barricade.
So remember, first in - best dressed! Furthermore, to ensure you and
friends are standing together, it is advised that you meet up outside
enter the venue as a group.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the terms
conditions of entry to the Sydney SuperDome:
Cameras (of any type), audio or video recording devices, laser
illicit substances, alcoholic beverages, glass, cans, plastic bottles,
weapons, fireworks, illuminating objects, chains or spiked bracelets,
backpacks and waist packs are not permitted. Security searches will be
undertaken upon entry to the venue.

Object throwing, moshing, crowd surfing and stage diving is not advised
under any circumstances. Inappropriate behaviour will result in patron
ejection from the venue.

PLEASE NOTE, patrons under the influence of illicit substances or
will not be admitted into the venue. The Sydney SuperDome is a non
venue. Alcohol is not permitted inside the arena bowl.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Kind regards,
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14 days [14 Nov 2005|11:09am]

as there is so lil time to go i think its time to get this LJ on the go.

countdown to the first foo stadium show in aus us

14 days

i have been spending my days laughing over the asian dave in the resolve film clip and i advise others to do so.
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HOLY SHIZER [09 Nov 2005|07:56am]


19 DAYS TO GO!!!


that ben kid is freaky.

i don't think that the adelaide show is gonna be acoustic, but it will probably be the exact same set as every other show so it probably doesn't merit the travel.

hope that helps!


sounds like he is scared of the cowbell. but freaky to chris is a good thing!

Bring on foo!!! WOOT!!!
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WTF?? [27 Oct 2005|02:14pm]



do i buy tickets and flights now???

31st Nov thebarton Theatre
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So it starts! [02 Oct 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | content ]

I have booked parts of my flights for foo quest and thought i would announce it to the world.

TUES 29 at 1pm i will fly from Brisvegas to Sydney to start the Sydney leg of the tour.
SAT 3rd Dec will see me fly from Sydney to Perth to make sweet love by the fire at ROCK IT!

all are invited to be apart of the love in!


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WOOOO [29 Aug 2005|02:27pm]

i still dont own a calendar so i cant count down.. but i think its time to start booking tickets for flights.

I sent out an email but it goes as follows thus far:

Melb-Brissy on the Saturday $91
Brissy-Sydney (Tues/Wed) $61
Sydney-Perth $170
Perth-Melb $170

for those going straight from Sydney-Melbourne there is a sale.. but i dont have the prices.
Let me know should anyone want to coordinate flights with the rest of us! WOOT!

*looks for calendar*
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