Crystal Daze (crystal_daze) wrote in fooausquest,
Crystal Daze


Flew to Brissy to catch foo. due to flight restrictions we couldnt get to the venue till the ripe time of 6pm!!! so we passed the time by grabbing a drink at a bar and as we are chowing down Nate walks past!!! NEERLY PEED MY PANTS!!!

That tied me over till the show. most of the Merch i could get of the foo store for half the price so i bought the tour tees and i now sport a y red bull tee with dates. I now am fashionable in my twin foo wristbands!!!

the show was killer i hooked up with y jools and we assumed the front of stage. i ended up second row between a rock and a hard place so i lasted to stacked actors before dying and dancing on the outside, but more info to come later that involves foo passes, drinks, dislocated knees and the kaiser chiefs.

oh, and brisbane sucks, i am now happily in sydney eating krispy kreme and dreaming of superdome to comEEE!!!!
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