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brissy part two

So brissy was fun considering i usually i hate the place. After we saw Nate during lunch we knew that it was on for young and old. So we picked up Carmen and headed down to Brissy Entertainment Centre.

Luckily most of the Merch i could get half price on the foo Board soo i walked away with sexy tops and now matching wrist bands!!! We were on door twelve and cause we were running slightly late we were behind... i was not happy. But i cant blame nice people for taking care of me so i move on...

I found good ol Jools on the opposite side and we had a chat. The small lil chookling was on her own with Good Charlotte fans so we bicthed about being at seperate doors then planned to meet up in front.

We did a live cross to my radio show before we went down went something along the lines of "wooo, we rule.. foo fighters yeah!" mind you kaiser chiefs were sound checking at the time so i was a lil hyper (not unusual i know)

We finally ran DOWN the stairs and Jools had saved me a spot in the front row. However when everyone 'stood up' they cut us off so we were second string. Which is usually cool (but not today) then came out one of my fave Aussie Bands the Nation Blue. They inhabit the energy of AT The Drive In with out the afros. I was wiggling and dancing even though this tall guy decided to lean into me when there was np crowd push yet. Anywho, anyone who has seen the blue knows that they are insane. Throwing guitars, screeching, usually ends in blood sweat and tears. This time, with Chris Schiflett watching, the bass player did a jump, fell on his back and looked like he was going to die. The guitarist and drummer kept on playing till st johns ambulance crew came down. The bass player was then propped up against the amps, cause he couldnt move but he didnt want to go away. They gave him his bass again. They angled the mike and the techie pushed his pedals. He kept playing and screaming even though he looked like he was in a lot of pain. i have a lot of admiration for that guy.

Now, the last time i saw Nation Blue the lead singer cut his head open and there was blood splurtting everywhere... not long after the bass player went down the dude cut his head open! it wasnt gushing like last time but i pissed myself. I was waiting for the drummer to knock himself out as well. Chris was on side of stage in awe, everyone else was impressed but the good charlotte chicks in front of me could only say "i didnt like it"... pfft whatever. The guys did their best for an arena.

Security gave us water even though we didnt need it after Nation Blue... (take notice this is important)

Then the roadies came out and got ready for the Kaiser Chiefs. They had the Employment banner behind them and it was Huge and sexy. I was so pumped. But again the GC fans didnt know who they were... my thoughts kept changing to "why the fuck are they in front of me?" but that was beside the point. The pushing guy had started to try and angle his way in next to me.. i was going to head but him. I am not a fan of the uncessesary pushing. There is unwritten rules in a pit. Some of them are:
Lean back during breaks so that you can have a lil space and release the tension for everyone around you for a while.
No pushing when the band isnt on. If people were before you, you leave them alone till the band starts. And my fave, dont put you elbow in peoples necks, find somewhere else to fucking put it!!!
So needless to say Brissy never got those rules so it was on and i was going to head but people even before foo came out.

The security gave us water!

Kaiser Chiefs stumbled out onto the stage and blew my mind away... They opened with Na Na Na Na Na and got me going... and thats all. I swear maybe three or four people in my area were even bouncing or singing or anything. So i had my own party and sang and danced. Ricky came out and sang on top of us so that was killer and got the people into it a lil bit before I predict a Riot...Nice one... Then they were gone as fast as they came and it was time for Foo Fighters.

Everyone started to crush but not badly and we all got ready to go nuts. The dude behind me had taken to putting his arm on my shoulder and no matter what i did he wouldnt get the fucking hint. Tool.

Then it was time. Jools was going to hyperventilate, i was smiling like a maniac and about to head but people it was perfect. They had this curtain around the stage and then we saw drum sticks go flying through the air and every one went "whoo" with each one. It was terribly lame but funny to watch cause then the curtain raised and there was Dave, Nate, Taylor and Chris. They launched strait into In Your Honour...Holy SHIT!!! Jools was pushed to front row and i was behind between a giant and the dude with the arm in my neck that was nice. I didnt give a shit though i fucken pumped it out... Dave hardly talked he just launched into hit after hit after hit. It was awesome. It was a singles list which sucked balls but it was good still. The stage was fucking impressive! There were screens, with images and the band on it! There were crazy stacks of faux amps and real amps... and the LASERS!!! holy shit. This made it physically impossible to take photos. I think good ol o_chan would have been able too but not an amateur like moi.

The crowd was sweatier than a sauna after three songs and pleas for water went unanswered. People were bright red, raining water, singing and there was no air, no anything. Especially no water. The key to my survival in any situation is to drink water and get fresh air. This show was like wearing your snow gear in a sauna with no water for two hours. As i was trapped between The Rock, the Tool with the Arm and some other random i was getting no where in the air, water or anything catagory. Up until a song or so Stacked Actors there was no chance of me leaving... then bam my whole body freaked and was going to vomit if i didnt get any air. Security still wouldnt give me water!!! so i had to get out. But they said "no, not while dave is out there" By this they meant dave was on the floor they couldnt help anyone. I would have been happy to chuck on them... but eventually i got out and as i went to get water fucken dave runs past me on his way back to stage... good timing.

I took my time out of the pit to see how the casual observer sees the show something i would not otdinarily do. It was sweet as. The new show really is a stand back and admirer affair. So i checked out the different views, filmed some bits and walked around to Nates side where i see the glowing head of my Marky! So i ran up (now i had air and water i was okay and bouncy) and piggy backed mark and we sang and danced to every song! It was more enjoyable to be free and dancing (how i like a show) and with Mark and having a killer time.

It also gave me time to admire the crowd. They didnt know half the words. They didnt know anything that wasnt a single and they didnt know FOR ALL THE FUCKING COWS!!! WTF IS THAT? It made me feel so old. Anyway next to me was a raver who got every into Learn to Fly (hilarious) and the stripper wannabes who loved Best of You. But mark and i nearly peed our pants with laughter when no one knew End Over End (our fave) cause the commercial stations dont play it!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAH were such Elitists.

the full setlist was:
In Your Honor (sounded awesome with the wall of sound)
All My Life
My Hero (still ove watching Taylor drum this)
Best Of You
Times Like These
Learn To Fly
The One (Shit single, AWESOME LIVE! Third time i have ever heard it played)
Stacked Actors( when i had to get out but ran into dave)
Have It All
Breakout (Mark and I lost out Voices)
End Over End (Best song ever)
Everlong (now everlong was special! they played three quaters just dave and then bam the whole band! they had a shitty transition but once they were on they were on!!!)

Generator (dave refered to live at the chapel and how they made the film clip!)
Resolve (so reptitive towards the end but still killer)
Cold Day In The Sun (woot for taylor!!! i had to record some!!)
Monkey Wrench (where is hey Johnny Park?)

When the show was over, just under two hours, we met up with everyone Jools had lasted (last time she passed out) and she had a set list and a drum stick to proove it! and Carmen and My Dan had a great time as well! I was just grinning like a maniac! YAY!!

We got our souvenire tix and Mark announced he had run into dave at the hotel and he was on the after show list so he had his special passes and pissed off. We went out for water and bounced along. We crashed at the entry to the back stage area and i laughed cause i could see mark so we tried to call him. But he looked at his phone and ignored us!!! WHAT A BITCH! Luckily we know him well enough not to take it personally he always get stressed when dave was involved.

But seemed he couldnt be arsed waiting so we all reconvened and planned our SYDNEY ATTACK!!!

more on that later!!!
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