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Sydney Day 1

After buying some killer records at Rocking Horse Records in Brissy we headed to the airport. I have never seen so many foo tees in one spot that were not at a show... A lot of people had travelled for that. However, i am a firm believer of a) not wearing the tee the day after the show to avoid the scene i had just mentioned. And also b) not wearing the tee till the guys are at least out of the state! There is nothing worse than running into them wearing the band tee.

However, we made the trek to my gate (via meeting my baby cousin at the check in, so CUTE!) And i planned to meet Carmen on the other side in Sydney. When i got there hello Krispy Kreme and waiting for her plane to arrive.

When she did we went straight to the Annandale to start drinking! However, our taxi driver had no idea where it was. We said annandale. But he still didnt really know. So we called some friends and they helped us get the specifics. Luckily one lucky person told us the number (thank you james!) cause the driver tried to drop us off at Annandale North (wrong!) then he dropped us off at the Empire Hotel(??) We told him we wanted Parramatta Rd... he said "this is Parramatta Rd" is wasnt it was the corner... and a hundred and something numbered... we needed to be in the teens... whatever we walked and ran into some record stores. I scored Bros - When will i be FAMOUS!!!! awesome. And Carmen Got her Boyfriend Wa Wa Nee... we are stylish ladies.

After we got to the Annandale we started pissing up till Trivia started. We knew we would suck but we tried. AND WE DIDNT COME LAST!!! Carmen won us $110 that we drank away and bought Annandale tees in honour of the occasion. It was great.

Then we passed out dreaming of Foo to come... I like sydney more than Brisbane. Like Melbourne better than both.
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