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Whilst wednesday passed with us playing plenty of Cludo Simpson Stylee as well as buying awesome 7inches (Ace of Spades!!!!) we did little to nothing. Ben Walt Flannagan called to tell me the Foos had sound checked three quarters of the Colour and the Shape in Adelaide which got me very excited indeed!!! We played more cludo and bythe time we were high on bad wine and yelling "iT WAS Homer, in Mr Burns' Manor with the Plutonium Rod" we had bits of the ADL set list to make us gag for Thurs night... BLOODY MIA AND HEY JP!!! fark off!!!

Needless to say i woke up at a reasonable hour and trained to SUPERDOME to hook up with the lovely Jools and Kallie and Co. Unfortunately the sydney train system didnt like me (i hear now, it hates everyone) so it took me three hours after the train broke down and the tracks failed... noice. Needless to say we were still at the front of the line and ready for love!

The reason i love sydney foo shows is that i seem to know everyone there! Unlike Melbourne where i think everyone is a tosser and can get fucked. So i ran into good ol Adam (what up g!), Kimbo, Benny Boy, Ben Walt, Leisha (my hometown girl) plus of course the afformentioned Jools and Kallie. So it seemed like a party and the crew for the past few years were together and bringing the foo love. Ahhh, Sydney was going to be SOOOO much better than Bris Vegas...

At aboot 3 we decided to check on the side gate and we ran into a tosser with Nirvana shit. Now i am sorry, but get farked. Seriously, taking Nirvana shit to Dave. Have you heard of his new band (of the past 10 years) they are called the foo fighters. So we didnt like him off the bat ( i know were such assholes) but we had fun. we scored red bull (tastey sugar) and waved to the boys as they drove past. First Dave and Taylor, Then Chris and Nate. They smiled and i queen waved. Thats all i expected... which makes me feel great. I am so calm this time around, i guess cause i have been there seen that so everything is AWESOME. And i gotta say that being around the excitable ones (Miss J!) makes me miss the innocence of it all. And at the same time makes me enjoy it all the more. I was called the mother figure more than once...I was pumped to convince Jools that she wanted to come to Melbourne for a show... she is so excited YAY!

After a military style opporation to get into the show we ended up where we wanted to be front row in front of dave and chris. I gotta give props to the security team from ACES they are awesome. Nice, Helpful, Funny. And our good friend Eddie S. made sure we were taken care of. I cant wait to tell frontier all about my findings over this tour!!! I have decided this might also be an awesome way to get "spy" gigs at shows rating security and stuff... awesome!

Nation Blue were out first and good ol Matt the bass player with the fucked knee (see their My Space for the funniest footage of it... involves shifty subtitles!!!) he was sitting on a box still rocking out with his knee bound up! i lovethose guys, dont know if anyone else liked them. I know the green day chicks next to me didnt care at all.

Kaiser Chiefs... oh my lordy i felt like i was the only one enjoying the show but they had a better reception than they did in Brissy. Started with Na again and played the same set. I THINK ricky said the same stuff as well. But they look so good and happy when they do it, it felt like a different show! Ahhh, bless.

Then it was foo! i recorded more of it this time. I have a plan to film bits of each show so that i can make a full show. I think its working. But alas, the set list went as follows:

In your Hono(u)r
All My Life
My Hero
Best of You
Learn to Fly
Times Like these
The One
Stacked Actors
Big Me
This is a Call

Ill stick around (NEARLY PEED MY PANTS!)
NO Way Back (ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF...and on the setlist it says Now Way Back)
Monkey Wrench

Highlights include my smiley "eyyy" looks with chris all night and Dave stating that if Sydney was a woman with a nice arse he'd fuck her all night long... luckily i recorded this or i wouldnt have believed it!

*Taylor looks so old now-a-days! i remember in the beginning he was so young and youthful. now he just looks tired. But i guess thats what you get living the lifestyle. They aint spring chickens anymore. Dave tried to gauge the age barrier he loved that the teens, twentys somethings were beating up the 40 year olds in the crowd then he dedicated big me (i think) to the 50 year old. But we knew there was a 63 year old guy in there (from canada!)

That show shat all over brissy. I managed to get whiley to get me the set list. I said i wanted at least one. I am going to get one of the giant posters they have and i am making the BIGGEST foo shrine to this tour... it is awesome! i want one of marks foiley passes to complete it!!!

After the show we ended up with Kim, Leisha, Ben Walt and Mark at the Marriott half sleeping half talking shit. I think Mark and i talked the most shit Ben And Leisha were happy to let us rant while kim slept. I took advantage of the sexy bath he had and turned it bright orange (i have orange hair by the way) it was tres cool.

after one hours sleep i am now preparing for miss Sheens to get me so we can get ready for show number two!!! rock in SYDNEY!!!
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