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Well as to be expected with one hours sleep i got a lift with the awesome Sheens to get to SUPERDOME nice and early! so early in fact that we were still number ten or so. Thanks to my old mate Mark KNell being number one cause at 2am he thought it was a good idea to just sleep there. securith actually thought he was a bomb, but that is beside the point. Our 7am friends were there again and us! By us it was Jools, Me, Sheens and later we were joined by Kim, Leish, Ben Walt and Adam. It was a foo party at best.

Sheens dazzled us with he BAM! Victory! skills on the deck of cards and we dominated in in face card uno... otherwise known as Last Card... It was awesome! we were out for blood and thanks to that it was the best game ever and time flew buy. It was time for a lil walk by four oclock so some of us went into the car park to yell obsenities at the boys waiting for the band... highlights were "do you like pina colada?" "more cowbell" "love you long time" and another one that has slipped my mind. The boys didnt know what hit them!

Brett from SYN Radio at home called about finding this site and wanting to do a live cross for their foo show next monday (before i fly to melbourne to ROCK OUT!) it is going to be AMAZING... i think i will do that.

later on our last walk we ran into the Kaiser Chiefs it ended with us telling to rock it and to kick ass. They were impressed, cause someone knew them, and they did indeed rock it!!! We ended up being front row center with Dave so it was great. Nation Blue came out and literally almost blew me away with their bass amps which were at chest level. Thank god they invented sign language really cause i wont be able to hear for a week. I successfully forgot my earplugs so going deaf was my only option.

I had this lil guy next to me that i had never seen before (ie he wasnt in the line with us all day like the others who were on the bar) so when we reached the barrier he flew his hand between me in this guy and assumed he could get on the bar. Now those who know me well know if you were not there from word go, you wont ever be there. So this guy literally tried to crank me and this guy apart so he could fit, jammed his leg in and hoped for the best. Being the poised lady i am i almost decked him cause he proceeded to try and edge me out. I will always win wars like this as i dont move... AND I DANCE!!! Thanks to my love of nation blue he was already getting a taste of what the KC would bring!!!

Kaiser Chiefs had a short set cause Ricky was losing his voice but he rocked out none the less! I danced and sung and swayed my hips and i have never been more happy when ricky flew at the bar and stood on it, everyone serged forward and my lil friend went bye bye! Ricky crowd surfed for most of i predict a riot then dashed of stage... it was awesome. Shifty was on side of stage with (we pressume) his wife. As it was Nates Bday we assumed a lot of things that night.

Then it was foo time... the set list was different but the same. they had a few different Jams but the boys were ON! Dave wasnt as smashed as last night and they mixed up the set list so it wasnt all the same! THANK GOODNESS! So much stuff happened i have forgotten but i know daves spotted and sung to us a few timed and Chris was still "eyyyyy, still there" Chris for some reason had too much rock for one hand so he was play shooting with "pa pow" hands (think wiggles but more cowboy) it was a pissa. They made dave skull in the encore again and he always ends up with more on the ground then in his mouth but it is worth it. THEY DEDICATED TIMES LIKE THESE TO LEMMY!!!! FUCK ME LEMMY WAS THERE!!!! I WAS HOPING FOR THAT IN MELBOURNE!!! RARGH!!!! I didnt get to see him but we saw a glimmer of him for a sec on the side of stage.

Then came the HAPPY BDAY NATE. Dave ranted about how foo started and seeing Sunnyday Real Estate and this amazing drummer he had to have in his band... and he got him! and it was his bday and he told Nate how good a friend he was and they hugged and we got all teary and then the launched into All My Life and said good night! *sigh*

That was an intense show! not only was the crowd the most hard core of the tour thus far but the in the words of dave it was just "hit after hit, after hit!" i have bruises i shouldnt... and its good!!!

umm cant remember the whole set list or the order so i remember hearing:

In Your Honour
No Way Back
My Hero
Learn to Fly
Break Out
Stacked Actors
Big Me (someone threw mentos~ LOSER! Wiley ate them!)
The One
Ill Stick Around
Up In Arms (dave sang part of it to me! HA!)
Best of You

Times Like These (FOR LEMMY!!!!!)
Cold Day In the Sun
All My Life

YEAH IT was great post show i ran for the expensive lemonade but not without adding a new pick to my collection... THE DAVE 606... i am putting that right next to his Les Dudis one. This collection is AWESOME!!!! i got to say good bye to all my sydney crew and managed to send love to those i missed.

Off to perth in an hour... SEE YOU AROUND THE TRAPS!!! MWHAHAHA
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