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We arrived in Perth tired and hungry. We had watched the foo live from Roswell files all the way there and were a little pumped to be seeing the boys at a festival. When we arrived it was early perth time, but fuck off o'clock melbourne time. So we were a lil dissoriented.
Dan and I hooked up with Big Marky and proceeded to pass out from exhaustion. But decided that beer was the better solution to our problems. So we hit the hotel bar and as we were ordering our first drink the boys got this funny look on their faces and whispered 'turn around' i turn and there is NOEL GALLAGHER... i had to be very subtle about it. as i am generally scared of the guys i couldnt really just jump in on the conversation. But i did manage to sneak out a few messages to friends along the lines of "im sitting next to your brother in law" and "me and my mate Noel are having a great time at the bar" much to the distress of my Oasis loving friends.

We continued to get smashed when i notices someone hovering next to me.. it was my fave monitor guy (i love you) IAN of foo fighters. He was so happy to see us and he asked why we hadnt said hello. I hadnt even seen him in the bar. Ian and i were good drinking buddies back in 03 and we decided to start again. Topics ranging from Fat Bob of the Cures fave drinks (beer/coke or red wine/orange juice), finding Gay Porn in his hotel room left by former residents (Justin Darkness) and about the awesome Melissa Auf Der Maur and how she WILL release a new album soon!!! YAY!!! I *heart* Ian as we get on super well and we drink eachother under the table.

I went to take dan up to the room as he got tired (and we were crashing in marks room) and as we went through the side bar door we ran into security telling us we couldnt go through. We told him we were going to our room and he lets us past we turn around and the whole FOO FIGHTERS band is there. Dave and the Missus, Taylor and the Missus, Security, Nate, Chris... and erm... Gus. We went up to our room and came back down. On my way back i ran into Sir Gus and managed a hello... he didnt try to karate chop me so i proceeded back to the bar. Mark was trying to hook up with Wiley (their love is pure) and Ian and I continued our chats about my tiny feet...

Our party soon lead to drinks and a mini bar raid and hugs galore. Then sleep...

that was perth day 1.
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