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McPerthy McPerth Day Two

We woke up super early and checked into our room and ran off to Rock It. We had a hell of a time selling our spare ticket but once we were in there it was awesome. We got our Merch... Sexy Pirate Tees and Jackets as well as Kaiser Chief stuff. We tied it all in a box and ran amok.

We caught Gyroscope first of the ranks (i love those boys) and danced to all my fave tunes at the back of the D. Then we waited for the KAISER CHIEFS (we are from England!) those guys were on the ball that day. Bloody Ricky decided to crowd surf from the front of the Barrier to the back of the D, climb the sound scaffolding and sing from up there, then crown surf back still singing... (i have this all on film) Dan turned to me and pronounced "Anything Ricky can do, Dave can do 10 times better" and i knew he was right. If dave heard about that he would try and top it.

We really didnt want to see Wolfmother (wank) so we went and grabbed food and filmed the toilet sign that said "*male tiolets* wee wee, poo poo, Syphon the Python" and something else i fogot. I will up load the video eventually.

Security at the festival was shithouse. There was a big surge at the mosh entry and the security guards were not helping. So the band stopped and yelled "step back" gee that really helped. If they had just let some people into the D it would have helped. So dan and i passed the time by counting Nirvana Tees (26) and taking photos of butt cracks... Or slots as i like to call them.

We had a big debate about whether we should get into the crazy Mosh Pit line and decided yeah if we get in at the end of wolfmother we will be inside the D by the end of Spiderbait and in time for OASIS. And as i said security was a wank. They tried to change the entry system while we were there and heaps of people fighting to get in. And the worst part was they were not telling anyone what was going on so everything got out of control and people were pissed. We got in with a few songs to go of Spiderbait and we had a hoedown to Old Man Sam and Black Betty. Before i was blown away by the OASIS show. Fuck Liam is the funniest man in rock. His arrogant stance, his mumbled singing... it was classic.

Then came out foo fighters. We were sure ian just got up and showed up. He was still in his Cure tee of the night before. It was wicked. We then danced to foo and we were right about dave. When it came to stacked actors Dave bolted through the crowd and jumped up the scafolding and started to have his usual duel with Chris. When he was down he bolted back. It was hilarious. It was quite obvious that dave was smashed as that night. His voice was cracking, he was talking about losing his virginity in perth and kepy putting the word dick in all the songs he sang. It was friggen hillarious. Dan and i were excited and sleepy all the way back to the hotel post show.

After trying to find some dinner snack we figgered that beer was the best food substitute. We were on our way up to the room when we ran into Chris Foo and he informed us that beer indeed was on the Menu. So the drinking began. I went to buy the first round and i was kind of blocking the walk way and someone knocked me i turned to say sorry... it was bloody Liam Oasis... He turns to me and says something unintelligable. I say "ha?" he repeats i say "what?" and then he goes "there is no need to be sorry mate" we both laugh and that was my moment of glory with Liam. I got to the bar and ran into a Kaiser Chief roadie and proceed to educate him about Lemon Lime and Bitters. He was very excited to find an 'exotic' non alcoholic drink. I ended up saying how good the shows are and how my friends were going to be at the airport in melbourne with the the Kaiser Roo and also about how we love to play them on our station. His response "you must be one of the only ones!" then "you have to meet the band!!!" So he takes me over to the bass player Simon. We have a chat about stuff then both decide that beer is cooler than our conversation... so we head off to join our own parties. Thats when i run into Ricky (singer) say how impressed i was with his crowd surfing abilities and it was awesome. I swear he looked straight through me... so i went back to beer.

After a few hours and Dan and I fading fast into a mass of sleepiness Chris Foo joins us at our table with Marky and his fiance Sarah. He sits on my chair with me and talks some shit about No Use For a Name "they are good catholic boys, they never drink, never swear and they always go to bed early" and exits as soon as he was done. I started my search for Zak Starkey (aka Ringo's son and member of the group Semantics back in the early 90s, aka Millard Powers' band with Owsley) once i found him he had already run off with his lady friend. Oh poo. I called it quits when i notices that the Gallagers had left and made my way out of the bar... **insert crystal daze entry here** and went to sleep.

next day i checked out and made my way back to home sweet home!!! MELBOURNE!!!!
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