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melbourne sweet, sweet melbourne

I arrived home at midnight and was never so glad to be home in my life. My boy picked me up at the airport and i announced he was comming to foo the next night whether he liked it or not (he hates everything i like) and all was merry in the world.

Monday i woke up super early and picked up the ever beautiful and hyper Jools from the airport and we made our way to melbourne city. As it was her first time in town i took her on a tour of the town in half an hour and squeezed in heaps of sights... i even dropped a few Hook turns for her! it was great.

When we got to Rod Laver there were a few people there aleady but that didnt matter because Kimmay was there and Rizz! It was a foo party and all were invited. The skies opened and dumped a heap of rain onto us but we were willing to brave the rain for one more night of FOO!!! I ran into o_chan and i was glad to hear that she did indeed run into the Kaiser Chief Boys and they had tickets for the show!!! I was so proud but had to get my arse into gear for the show. We managed to orchestrate a whole game plan on saving seats by the entry gates AND getting wrist bands at the same time. We had people sit while others get bands and then swap enabling us to all be up the front!!! WOOT! the doors opened early and i made My Boy run SOOOOO far to join us in time. He wasnt a happy camper but it was all good when we had a crew on both sides of the doors and we all got to the front! The boys, em & Sarah, Kim and Rizz were in front of Chris and we, Jools and I, were stationed in front of Nate for the First time. Now since i had made a comment to Ian about not being able to take photos of Nate there has been an ongoing joke that he is faster than the human eye and ge is actually doing laps of the stage. So i was looking forward to many jokes about Nates movements/dances... I was not dissapointed.

The Nation Blue came out and i finally realised their bass player was the director for Jackson United's Fell Into film clip i worked on a few years back. But the highlight was when someone heckled and i knew straight away where shaun was standing. Im pretty sure he yelled out "white noise mother fucker" i know matt was amused.

Kaiser Chiefs were better still and we danced our arses off. I managed to get a lil present for Olivia from the boys and hid it away in my bag for future reference. It's SUPER pretty! The roadies during change over were even funnier than normal with Judas Priest guy starting the mexican wave and waving good bye as the curtains went down. I caught Ian's eye before the show started and he looked so grumpy so we got him to smile... it was beautiful.

Then the show started! MWHAHAHA! Jools so was so pumped cause it was her last show. I was nervous due to previous experiences but i was more excited cause i realised how much the music means to me, so i set my feelings aside. We screamed and we yelled and it was awesome! Dave saw us up the front and sang Up In Arms to us and got us to "sing it" during My Hero!!! I was so pumped. Dave new we were there so it was like an affirmation that we cared. It was weak as on Nates side and it was great. we sat back and enjoyed the show and got to watch Nate and Taylor rock out properly. Dave announced that he loves melbourne and that Big Me was to pleasure the ladies, and all me should know how to go down on them right... it was hilarious. The rest of the show we were bombarded by bad singing by the chick in my ear and the asian couple behind us were trying to get us off the bar. It was not going to happen... so after they figured it out it was awesome.

The most disturbing thing i saw was the tone deaf chicks next to me got asked something by the foo security and then took their numbers down. They squeeled but i never heard why. Later shaun told me that he knew of some people in the crown who were 'escorted' back stage... oh the seedy underbelly of rock. i hate it.

Anyway so the show was awesome and the set list is like this:
In Your Honour
No Way Back
My Hero (dave found us)
Best of You
Up In Arms (oh yeah he loves jools and me)
Learn to fly
The one
Stack actors
Big me ( there was mentos)
Time Like These
Break Out

Cold Day in the Sun
Everlong (dave saw jools and i freak out, he just smiled at us like it was okay)
Monkey Wrench

Poor Jools was sad it was over, and the rain showed up again. I went and said goodbye to Ian and we went off for a wind down drink. Poor marky was upset cause a certain someone ruined his parade and nothing anyone could say could fix it. he threatened not to come to the last show.

i was happy one day to go. Then sleep will happen.
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