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Sad Day in Melbourne

Wednesday rolled around with a splitting head ache and the need to sleep for a month. Unfortuantely i had to take the beautiful Jools back to the airport. Come home sleep for a few hours and then go back to pick up Dan. If i never see the airport again it will be too soon (just remembered im going tomorrow... crap!) But after a few laps of domestic Dan and i made our way to the Pizza and to Rod Laver. Poor miss Kim was there all on her lonesome. So we fed her and entertained her with tails of biching and woe. Luckily she had only arrived a lil before us and then Miss Emma and Sarah showed up and it was another foo party! All the teeny boppers around us (and the guy whos last mosh was Maroon 5 or something equally as pathetic) were either slightly in front of us or behind.

Security went and fucked stuff up by having 5 guys only entry lines and one chicks... whatever!!! so we executed the same plan to get to the door, wait up front, get wrist bands and be in front of NATE in line with DAVE!!! When we got to the door i met a nice lass named Kylie. It turned out i knew her Brother and i hooked up to film some footage (god i hope she did!) So we plotted the last show. It turned out to be a rippa!

First off we HEARD Nation Blue for the FIRST time on the whole tour. All we heard was fuzz the WHOLE time. But this time we had Vocals, we had performance... we had the band i knew i liked and now other people might too!!! Dan and i were extremely impressed!!!

Then KAISER CHIEFS!!! MY god Ricky was smashed! he was fluttering about falling over and generally fucking up. it was awesome. he was the most animated i had seen him and it looked like everyone was having a great time. it made our time seem even better!! we danced and went nuts and attempted to film some footage for good ol olivia and co. Ricky was falling over the place AND they changed the set list up for the first time!! we knew we were in for a treat when these two bands were so ON!

Then it began... the curtain came down and i got a lil sad that it would be the last time that i would get to see this particular show. It would be the last time that i got Ian to smile as he double checked all of the mics and give us a wink. It would be the last time that i would have to yell at the crowd for bagging the roadies. People are so dumb, if the roadies dont set it up right you aint got no show.. SHUDDUP!!

Everyone in the world was trying to call me to find out if i was at foo.. well of course i was!! where the hell else would i be? Even my friend Stav was trying to find out where the after party was... too funny.

Then it was time. the lights faded, the curtain lit up and there was dave and co. Nate looked generally impressed. Dave looked manic.. i was ready to rock. I was ready to go deaf for this last show and i was ready to hurt everyone around me if they pissed me off. Hearing dave "CAN YOU HEAR ME???" we all answered 'Yes Dave'; "HEAR ME SCREAMING???" 'still yes dave!!!' my heart did a little skip. This is the end of the line for me. This is the last giant rock foo tour i will do. Every song nearly did me in. I just screamed and rocked... Wiley took some crazy photos of us just going nuts. With Kim to my left and Dan to my right we were just going nuts.

Dave went on a giant Led Zepplin rant playing Immagrant Song, Stairway and more. Then he introduced his stairway to heaven... BIG ME. it was beautiful.

Dave found us again and we gave a little smile and nod and then came everlong... i couldnt even sing the words. i was heart broken. tears streamed down my face and i tried to get the words out it wasnt going to happen ...

"is everything going to be this real forever? is everything going to be this good again? the only think i'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when i say when!!!"

yeah no chance in hell i WASNT crying. For the full setlist you will have to ask Jools...

Then the encore came and dave thanked everyone.. "who do i need to thank?" of course i wasn't missing that opportunity "ME!!!" hehe. but he thanked the band and the road crew. Which he really needed to do as they are kind of imploding right now. But they killed it with the end being monkey wrench...

They were gone as soon as they came. A security guard came up to me and gave me one of daves picks he said
"this is because you knew the words to every song... and you cried during that last one"

since i already had two i traded it in for a GUS pic. Those are too funny even if he looks like he wants to kill me. I ran into Ian to say goodbye and give him a big hug. Its a shame i didnt get a better farewell. Hopefully he will be back next year.

I then purchased my foo tour poster and planned my mega tribute to the tour. It will take a up a whole wall at this stage... but i dont care. Im glad its not a face poster... that could get disturbing. Im glad its just bulls raging with the alien ships. Cheaper than in Brisbane too!!!

We all filed out and were slightly depressed but ready to drink. We headed off to Cherry where Motley Crue fans were dancing it up. We had a few drinks and after i was attacked by a junky for water karma came back and handed me a free Kaiser Chiefs T-Shirt! WICKED!!! Kim, Dan, Claire, Matt, Mark and myself saluted to a great tour. And to the evilness of the corporate rock world. Just as i had had enough of the jokes and berrating i decided i was going home. it was that precise moment that Simon and Peanut of Kaiser Chiefs showed up. So we decided to stay.

I had a chat with simon after he had lost his roadie and tried to convince him to dance on stage with all the bogans. He wouldnt as they look liked they were 'auditioning to be guitarists and im a bass player!' he began to dance for me. We chatted about the shows and he told me he couldnt wait to go home and play to a real crowd. i told him they were awesome tonight and he said it was cause they had nothing left to lose. So they rocked it. We both disapeared to get drinks and when he came back he just walked up and goes "you alright?" and i was fine so he went off again. He came back and joined us for some chat which i dont remember at this stage... but i know Kimmay had a great time ;)

Everyone was getting sleepy except the alcos from Sydney so we decided to head off home. Leaving Kim with the KC boys. It wasnt until i was home that kim tells me that she is in the city but i have her bags still and she leaves at 8am or so!!! And she is going to catch a Taxi to my place then to st kilda but the driver doesnt have a Street Directory!! what a loser. so i direct kim to my place much to the displeasure of my pissed off sister "ITS FUCKING 5 AM!!!" ME "IM HELPING A FRIEND DEAL WITH IT" C "UR SUCH A FUCKING BITCH" *SLAMS DOOR*

anyway, so kim eventually makes it i get her bags to her and all is well with the world. it didnt hit me till the next day that she should have gone to St Kilda then my place and i could have taken her to the airport that is 20mins from my house... woops.

After dropping Dan at the airport it was the official end of the tour. It was sad and i went to sleep after basketball... i loved everyone on the tour... except for Johnny Rockstar, you shattered all my beliefs. So Much love to:

BRISSY: Vera, Jools!!! Rockinghorse Records! Other Mark!
SYDNEY: DAN!!! Kim, Sheena, Adam, Kallie!
ADELAIDE: Benny!!!
MELBOURNE: Leish, Emma, Sarah, Matty, Rizz!
And My Crew: Mark & Claire

You guys make it all worth while. Ill see you at the Opera House next year yes??
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